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The one-stop management system and the most cost effective approach to a wide range of equine hoof conditions


The Decron Hoof Gel Pad  provides the secrets to managing hoof problems in a simple,

easy-to-use system.

The Decron Hoof Poultice Kit  has been developed by leading international farriers, veterinarians, trainers and horsemen whose responsibility it is to manage hoof problems, alleviate pain and get horses back into training and competition as quickly as possible.


Faced with the cost, time, frustrations and disappointments that invariably accompany conditions of the hoof, they knew there ‘had to be a better way’.


The science behind the Decron Hoof Poultice Kit  has developed over many years.


To find the best possible system for managing hoof injuries, infections, cracks and wall problems, bruised soles, and white line disease; research, development and clinical testing was undertaken in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful and demanding trainers in a range of challenging environments.

The Decron Hoof Poultice Kit

provides you with:

2 x  Decron Hoof Gel Pads 

1X Decron Hoof Boot

Available in Medium and Large size


How to apply the Decron Hoof Poultice

a) Before applying the Decron Hoof Poultice, thoroughly remove all dirt from the hoof with a brush. Thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the entire hoof sole, including the frog, with an iodine-based antiseptic. Dry the hoof sole.


b) Remove the Decron Hoof Gel Pad from the packaging. Position the gel side of the Decron Hoof Gel Pad onto the hoof sole.


c) Place the Decron Hoof Boot onto the hoof and pull the tabs firmly – the orthopedic felt will stretch around the heel, ensuring a nice firm fit. It is important that the boot does not shift when placed under pressure.


d) Use a cohesive bandage to totally wrap the Decron Hoof Boot, extending the bandage half-way up the pastern, so it is firm but not tight on the skin. This ensures that the Decron Hoof Boot is airtight. Depending on the conditions underfoot, the Decron Hoof Boot can be made more durable by covering the cohesive bandage with an adhesive bandage.


Do not expose the hoof to water.

Application Times

Open Wounds:

For Hoof abscess, Corns, Nail punctures or Thrush, apply the Decron Hoof Gel Pad for 24 hours. Apply a second Decron Hoof Gel Pad for a further 24 hours.


Sole Bruising and Laminitis:

Apply the Decron Hoof Gel Pad for 24 hours. Apply a second Decron Hoof Gel Pad for a further 24 to 48 hours.



Because the Decron orthopaedic pad and boot is protective and supporting, any lameness may resolve sufficiently for the horse to resume work.


It is most important that the Decron Hoof Boot and Gel Pad remain dry and properly bandaged at all times. Do not expose the hoof to water.


How does the Decron Hoof Poultice Kit provide Excellent Hoof Care?


The Decron Hoof Poultice Kit  provides all the materials necessary for the management of hoof conditions in a single, one-stop package.  The components of the system are described below.


The Importance of Cleansing & Disinfecting the Hoof

One of the common mistakes made in treating hoof problems is to not thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the hoof prior to applying the Decron Hoof Gel Pad.  As the hoof is continually exposed to a heavily contaminated environment, any defect in the hoof capsule can permit the entry of bacteria and subsequent infection. Infection of the soft tissues of the hoof is one of the most common problems that delay and complicate the healing of hoof injuries. Iodine passed antiseptic products such as, betadine or farnham buffered iodine spray provides a simple and effective way to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the hoof prior to the application of the Decron Hoof Gel Pad.


A "Drawing' agent.

The Decron Hoof Gel Pad has been impregnated with Glycerine a powerful osmotic agent that 'draws' or pulls fluids.  The removal of excess fluid relieves pressure.  As pressure around damaged tissue falls, fresh tissue fluids can move into the area, bringing the protective blood cells, oxygen and nutrients necessary to resist infection and support natural healing.


Natural Antiseptic Agents.

The essential oils impregnated in the Decron Hoof Gel Pad have a long history in herbal medicine of powerful antiseptic and healing properties:


Lavender Oil (lavandula augustifolia) - Herbal medicine references report that Lavender Oil demonstrates strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions.


Melaleuca Oil (melaleuca alternifolia) - Martindale's Pharmacopoeia notes that Melaleuca Oil is reported to have bactericidal and fungicidal properties and is used in the treatment of various skin disorders.


Arnica (arnica montana) - Martingdale's Pharmacopoeia reports that Arnica is used as a topical application in conditions such as strains and bruises.


A Hoof Protection System.

Once the hoof has been injured or damaged, it must be protected from the contaminated outside environment.  If it is not well protected, there is a serious risk of infection and worsening of the condition. The Decron disposable hoof boot is the result of years of experience by Decron's expert advisors to produce the single, most effective and convenient way to apply a protective bandage to the hoof.


Frequently Asked Questions

1] "What you say about managing hoof problems is all very well, but I can do the same with any poultice.  What is so special about the Decron System?"

Have you ever noticed that when you poultice a hoof for a few days, the hoof horn becomes very soft and water-logged?  This reduces the integrity and structural strength of the horn which may then require many days of drying treatment to return to a suitable condition for shoeing. In addition, water-logging of the heels and frog can cause further problems. The Decron Hoof Gel Pad  draws as effectively as many poultices and more than most - but leaves the hoof horn beautifully conditioned and ready for immediate shoeing.  This will save you days of down-time and is especially valuable if you are under pressure to get a horse ready for competition. Try it. Your farrier will love it. 


The Decron Hoof Poultice Kit  is a "one-stop" hoof-care and management system.  If you have the Kit in your tack box, you are ready to provide first aid and follow-up care for many of the hoof problems your horse is likely to encounter.


2] "The Decron Hoof Poultice Kit  seems expensive,  is it worth it compared to the old reliable Epsom Salt and Bran poultice?"


Firstly, the Decron Hoof Poultice Kit  is ready to use.


Secondly, requires no mixing, creating a clean and successful application.


Thirdly, The Decron Hoof Poultice will remove infection for a 48 hour period. Epsom Salt and Bran Mash will need to be re-applied several times within that time frame.


Fourthly, down time is minimized as in many cases the training schedule can be maintained. Every day of missed training is costly. Being able to treat and work your horse simultaneously is priceless.


If the condition does not appear to be responding after the application period, then veterinary or farrier advice must be obtained.

Decron Horse Care Pty Ltd